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The Gospel of Mark

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 Jesus was different no doubt, he not only claimed to be a king, but he also claimed to be the King. He was not only sent from God, but he claimed to be God’s Son. Mark, an assistant to the Apostle Peter tells the simple and compelling story of Jesus life and ministry. Eight Evidences That Jesus is God’s Son …

Ephesians – Theology and Practice

Abby Smith Books of the Bible, Theology

From Prison, The Apostle Paul wrote six chapters that capture both theology and practice. Both are essential in our walk with Christ. In this series, we will learn what redemption is and how it applies to our everyday lives. Week 1: Adopted (Ephesians 1:1-6) The Bible makes it clear that once Christ has brought redemption to our lives, we are …


Abby Smith Books of the Bible, Theology

Salvation was a mystery to the world for thousands of years. The Apostle Paul by divine inspiration and revelation masterfully articulates just how God saved his people. In this series, we hope God will reveal this mystery to you as he did Paul. Week 1: The Great Exchange Exchanges are made daily, from emails to purchases of all kinds of …