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What Else Can We Do With Money?

Abby Smith Christian Living, Finance

We spend so much of our lives going to work, for what? To hand our money to a bill collector, to buy the latest phone or gadget, to look stylish, or go on a vacation? In this series, we will learn, what else we can do with money and the difference it can make. Managing Well – Luke 16:1-15 Jesus …

Small Truths Big Difference

Abby Smith Christian Living, Family

Week 1: Pride Invites Destruction Into Our Lives (Proverbs 16:18) Most people have heard and can recite this verse but have trouble applying this truth to their lives. Pride is so easy to see in others and yet seems to evade us when we look in the mirror. Humility makes such a BIG difference in our lives. Week 2: Train …

Enjoy God

Abby Smith Christian Living

No one has to say to a child. “Enjoy that slide or merry go round”; they simply enjoy it! Hours of enjoyment with no instructions needed. What if enjoying God was that simple? What if instead of 10 rules to follow, God’s single expectation of us was to ENJOY HIM! Week 1: Enjoying God the Beginning (Matthew 13:44) One can only …