• Explore the role of assimilation in the making of a Christ follower
  • Help you Identify vulnerabilities in your church’s assimilation process
  • Form next steps to eliminate those vulnerabilities
  • Examine the Leadership Style of a Sherpa and its role in assimilating guests at your church.
  • Learn how to design processes that will move your church toward a 1 out of 4 guest assimilation rate.
  • Hear how to create environments guests will love.
  • Share best practices
  • Hear how to involve any person as a volunteer (including non-believers, children & teens, and those whose lives need a face lift of some kind)
  • Discover ways to align staff in recruiting, training and onboarding volunteers
  • Learn some new strategic shifts in how to launch new small groups and new small group leaders.
  • Leave with 4 to 12 month plan for implementing an effective new assimilation strategy.
  • Receive dropbox access to free resources that will help secure effective implementation.
  • Much, much more….

Assimilation RSVP

Please let us know if you can attend this two day training.