I am so thankful for our staff

Spoiler Alert: For the 1st time ever, we have a tv app available for download. That's right; you can go to your apple tv app store or your Roku App Store and download our new app. Our mobile app also got a significant upgrade making it easier to share sermons and stay connected all week long. Thank you, Pastor Robert, for all your hard work. 

I'm so thankful Robin Tarlton is back! She is moving around the church again without a wheelchair!  

I have been reflecting on how long Pastor Brett and I have been doing ministry together! Wow, I can't believe it's been 16 years. Finding two pastors that can work side-by-side for 16 years without any blowups is rare. I am so blessed to have him on our staff. 

Another Spoiler Alert: Pastor Will and the students are preparing to paint a killer mural in the student room! He never stops amazing me with all of his talents. 

Ali Brotherton hit the ground running this month. Not only did she begin scheduling our Redemption Island ChangeMakers, but she also worked several hours in the office editing and uploading old sermons so we would have plenty of content for new apps. Who knew? 

If you haven't taken the time to watch other area church's online broadcasts, let me tell you I have. Melissa Etherton has done a stellar job connecting with Redemption Online, and each week she provides excellent content and connection opportunities for our online church. If you haven't joined her 10-minute pre-show, you are missing out.  

I am truly blessed to work with such a great team of people.  
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