Joining a church is a big deal. Membership is recognizing God’s leading and making a commitment to follow His leading.  Since you are interested in being a member we would like to share a couple videos with you in hope that you can gain a little more understand about following Jesus at Redemption

Insert Baptism Video  Here

Insert Governance Video  Here

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Membership Covenant

“Having received Christ as my Lord and Savior, having been baptized in obedience to Him, having been led by the Holy Spirit to become a member of the church, do now in the presence of God, enter into a solemn covenant with the other members of the church to help people find redemption in Jesus Christ.
    Baptism is a requirement for Membership. If you have already been baptized (anywhere), we can receive you as a new member. If you haven't been baptized, then let's schedule your baptism.