Redemption Island Helper Schedules


September 2nd – Ayla Whittinghill and Brittany Douglas

September 9th – Tricia and LaDonna Smith

September 16th – Angie Smith and Christal Williams

September 23th – Crissy Sloan and Maddy Sciluffo

September 30th – Ashley Melvin and Alana Adkins

October 7th – Ayla Whittinghill and Brittany Douglas

October 14th – Tricia and LaDonna Smith

October 21st – Angie Smith and Christal Williams

October 28th – Crissy Sloan and Maddy Sciluffo

November 4th – Ashley Melvin and Alana Adkins

November 11th – Ayla Whittinghill and Brittany Douglas

November 18th – Tricia and LaDonna Smith

November 25th – Angie Smith and Simone Farmer

December 2nd – Crissy Sloan and Maddy Sciluffo

December 9th – Ashley Melvin and Alana Adkins

December 16th – Tricia and LaDonna Smith

December 23rd – Ayla Whittinghill and Brittany Douglas

December 30th – Angie Smith and Christal Williams


September 2nd – Becky Reese and Brylea Endrizzi

September 9th – Whitney Simmons and Presley Yeager

September 16th – Sesslie and Phil Cowan

September 23th – Courtney Garner and Tori Dollins

September 30th – Becky Reese and Brylea Endrizzi

October 7th – Whitney Simmons and Presley Yeager

October 14th – Sesslie and Phil Cowan

October 21st – Becky Reese and Brylea Endrizzi

October 28th – Celina Duncan and Tori Dollins

November 4th – Whitney Simmons and Presley Yeager

November 11th – Sesslie and Phil Cowan

November 18th – Becky Reese and Brylea Endrizzi

November 25th – Celina Duncan and Tori Dollins

December 2nd – Whitney Simmons and Presley Yeager

December 9th – Sesslie and Phil Cowan

December 16th – Becky Reese and Brylea Endrizzi

December 23rd – Celina Duncan and Tori Dollins

December 30th – Whitney Simmons and Presley Yeager


September 2nd – Bailey Mings and Celina Duncan

September 9th – Monica Bolley and Marissa Thompson

September 16th – Robin Tarlton

September 23th – Lori Smith and Ramona Rice

September 30th – Bailey Mings and Celina Duncan

October 7th – Monica Bolley and Marissa Thompson

October 14th – Lori Smith and Heaven

October 21st – Ramona Rice and Kalyn Craft

October 28th – Bailey Mings and Toni Gresham

November 4th – Monica Bolley and Marissa Thompson

November 11th – Lori Smith and Heaven

November 18th – Ramona Rice and Kalyn Craft

November 25th – Bailey Mings and Toni Gresham

December 2nd – Monica Bolley and Marissa Thompson

December 9th – Lori Smith and Heaven

December 16th – Ramona Rice and Kalyn Craft

December 23rd – Bailey Mings and Toni Gresham

December 30th – Monica Bolley and Marissa Thompson

Shark Tank

September 2nd – Mike Tarlton’s Crew

September 9th – Dover Crew

September 16th – Dover Crew

September 23rd – Dover Crew

September 30th – Chance Crew

October 7th – Chance Crew

October 14th – Chance Crew

October 21st – Angie Smith’s Crew

October 28th – Angie Smith’s Crew

November 4th – Angie Smith’s Crew

November 11th – Mike Tarlton’s Crew

November 18th – Mike Tarlton’s Crew

November 25th – Mike Tarlton’s Crew

December 2nd – Dover Crew

December 9th – Dover Crew

December 16th – Dover Crew

December 23rd – Chance Crew

December 30th – Chance Crew