Sweat & Soreness

Gyms are full of people who are busy doing anything but working out. In this sermon, Pastor Robbey encourages us to not be one of those people who just show up and church. He teaches us the benefits of sweet equity.


Phase 3 of Spiritual Fitness is nutrition, let me guess you heard diet, right. In this sermon, Pastor Robbey teaches us to guard what goes into our hearts that we might through Jesus, become the righteousness of God.

Workout Partner

Pastor Robbey is helping you build a Biblical Spiritual Fitness Plan so that you can grow closer to the Lord. In this sermon, he compares workout partners to small groups and encourages us to invite other believers into our life.


Before God’s people were free, they were enslaved in Egypt. Egypt is a great reminder that some places we visit are not places to stay. In this sermon, Pastor Robbey encourages us to leave Egypt by asking for God’s assistance.