Wake Up

Pastor Robbey says this sermon is a wakeup call. For too long, the church of Sardis has grown complacent. This sermon is a reminder that if it can happen to the believers in Sardis a few decades from Christ how much more can it happen to us 2000 years later!


In this sermon Pastor Robbey teaches us about spiritual growth. Encouraging us to maintain 3 key elements (Learn, Apply, Display) in our walk with the Lord.

Don’t Be Deceived

The Church of Ephesus, Smyrna, and Pergamum all faced persecution and false doctrine. In this sermon, Pastor Robbey teaches us that we must never make the mistake of condoning deception and deceptive practices.

See You Soon

Imagine being told by God that your time on earth was coming to a close. In this sermon, Pastor Robbey reminds us this world is not our home and encourages us to fix our hope on eternity.

Are You What God Intended?

Is today’s church serving the purpose God intended? In this sermon, Pastor Robbey asks the question, “Have you been trained to be addicted to lesser things?” Is God satisfied with what you are seeking when you come to Church?