Won’t Stop Now

Looking back over our lives, we notice God has done so much for us.  The terrible truth is, we often forget all that God has done for us, and are quick to listen to the voices that say, “You are all alone.”

This song proclaims we are ready for whatever God wants because we remember all he has done.  We won’t stop now because he never did. The chorus stirs a truth my soul already knows; we need to live in God’s presence, daily, inviting God to come into our lives like never before.

We hope you will listen, learn, and proclaim these truths all week in preparation for singing it together for the first time this weekend.



Reckless Love is a song that speaks to God’s relentless pursuit of us, nothing will stop him from rescuing us.  This song is based out of Luke 15 the parable of the Lost Sheep. I would encourage you to read, listen and reflect on how much God loves you.