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Latest Sermon:   Making The Most Out Of What You Got

Pastor Mark's sermon "Making the Most of What You Got" delves into the theme of significance through serving others, contrasting self-focused ambitions with a life of selfless service. He highlights two bridges - the "Search Bridge" of selfish pursuits leading to unfulfillment and the "Serve Bridge" of serving others, as modeled by Jesus. Encouraging the congregation to start small and eliminate excuses, Pastor Mark emphasizes the transformative power of surrendering to God for a life of true significance. Through personal anecdotes and references to superheroes, he explores the importance of rest, reflection, and the impact of small acts of service in living a meaningful life.


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Meet Pastor Robbey

A Southern Illinois native, Pastor Robbey and his wife, Angie, live in Marion and have two grown sons, three grandchildren. Robbey met the Lord later in life to bring as many people with him to heaven.

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