Valetines Getaway 
Angie and I finally took a few days away from the craziness we love. We stayed at the Davie School Inn for a couple of days. The owner of bed and breakfast invited us to write on the school chalkboard in our room, and within minutes Angie had already written this old nursery rhyme.

During our stay, Angie found this great free app that I want to share with you; it's called Noteit. Noteit allows you to send real-time handwritten messages to your spouse or loved one. They then appear on their phone's home screen (see below).

I'm not sure if there is an android version of this app, but we have installed it on our iPhones and tablets to send messages randomly to each other throughout the day. Angie has the best ideas, which is one of the many reasons I love my wife.

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