You're Invited

Redemption Church is paying for you to receive this training! 

Here is why you should attend.
  1. Assimilation tripled our attendance and baptisms in 3 years
  2. Assimilation doubled our give in 3 years 
  3. Assimilation gets new people serving in just 3 weeks
I've seen it happen in our church and believe it can happen in your church. Please hear me; I do not think our church is growing because of our church's preaching, music, or even age. Because of assimilation (getting new people plugged in), we have grown enough we can invest $8000.00 to fly Greg Curtis from California to Southern Illinois, not for our benefit by yours. I hope you will receive this wonderful gift from us on August 13th. 

Pastor, I hope you will bring a team of people with you for a one-day event that is entirely free to you and your team. Please sign up below if you can attend this training. 

 If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me by clicking here.

- Robbey Smith

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