Commander and Chief


Pastor Robbey's sermon "Commander and Chief" discusses the presence of idols in our lives and the need to cast them aside to prioritize a relationship with God for spiritual growth.  


What are some examples of idols that might be present in our lives today?
Context: In the sermon, Pastor Robbey mentioned idols like material possessions, power, pleasure, popularity, fame, technology, and even one's job.
Application Question: Can you identify any potential idols in your own life? How can you work on removing their influence?

How can idol worship hinder spiritual growth and our relationship with God?
Context: Pastor Robbey explained that idols distract us from our relationship with God, pulling our focus away from Him and blocking the potential for growth.
Application Question: What steps can you take to ensure that your life stays centered on God and not on any idols?

How does repentance play a crucial role in casting aside idols?
Context: In the sermon, Pastor Robbey discussed that repentance involves recognizing the idols in our lives, turning away from them, and redirecting our focus and devotion towards God.
Application Question: What specific actions can you take in your daily life to turn away from any discovered idols and seek a closer relationship with God?

Based on Isaiah 44:6-7 and Romans 1:19-25, what are the dangers of idol worship and the importance of recognizing God as the one true God?
Context: These passages emphasize the significance of acknowledging God as the true God and the dangers that come with worshiping false idols.
Application Question: How can you use these scriptures as reminders to stay focused on serving God and staying away from idols?

Why is it important to use our blessings to bless others, rather than being selfish or greedy?
Context: Pastor Robbey emphasized the importance of gratitude and sharing our blessings in order to maintain a healthy relationship with God and avoid falling into idol worship.
Application Question: In what ways can you actively use your blessings to help others and serve God better?


  1. Ask God to help us identify and cast aside any idols in our lives.
  2. Pray for the strength and determination to turn away from our idols and redirect our focus towards God.
  3. Ask God to cultivate gratitude in our hearts and guide us in using our blessings to bless others.
  4. Pray for accountability and support as we strive to destroy idols and deepen our relationship with God.

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