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Summary: Pastor Robbey delivers a sermon titled "Party Often" emphasizing the importance of following Romans 12:12. He encourages the congregation to rejoice in hope, have patience in tribulation, and be constant in prayer. He uses the story of David to illustrate the significance of remaining focused on God despite obstacles. Additionally, he discusses the importance of finding reasons to celebrate and praise God even during difficult times. Overall, he urges the congregation to trust in God's timing and faithfulness.

Think About It

1.  What does it mean to rejoice in hope and how can this change our perspective during difficult times?
  • Context: Pastor Robbey speaks about rejoicing in hope as an act of faith, trusting that God will make something good happen.
  • Application Question: Can you think of a time in your life when you rejoiced in hope, even when circumstances were challenging? How did it affect your mindset and faith?

2. How can we practice patience during tribulation, and why is it important for our spiritual growth?
  • Context: In the sermon, Pastor Robbey emphasizes the importance of being patient in tribulation, rather than becoming frustrated or angry.
  • Application Question: What personal strategies can you use to develop patience in the face of challenges or obstacles in your life?

3.  Why is it important to remain constant in prayer, especially when facing challenges?
  • Context: Pastor Robbey discusses the need to stay constant in prayer, even during difficult times, following Romans 12:12.
  • Application Question: What are some ways you can remind yourself to stay committed to prayer, particularly when life gets tough?

4.  What can we learn from David's story about facing obstacles and trusting in God's promises?
  • Context: In the sermon, Pastor Robbey shares the story of David who faced many obstacles and challenges before becoming king and highlights his focus on God and His promises.
  • Application Question: How can you relate to David's story and apply his trust and focus on God's promises to your own life?

5.  How can we find reasons to celebrate and praise God during adversity?

  • Context: Pastor Robbey shares the example of a cancer ministry that finds reasons to celebrate and be thankful, even when facing illness. 
  • Application Question: What are some ways you can cultivate gratitude and focus on God's faithfulness in your own life, no matter the circumstances?

Guided Prayer

• Ask God to help you to rejoice in hope, even in the midst of difficulties. Pray that they may internalize this message from Romans 12:12 and that it may transform their perspective on the trials they face.

• Ask God for patience during times of tribulation. Pray for perseverance and resilience, and that you may experience the peace and strength that comes from trusting in God's timing.

• Pray for a deeper commitment to prayer, that you may grow in your communication with God and remain constant in prayer, even when facing challenges.

• Finally, ask God to help you find reasons to celebrate and praise Him, even in the midst of adversity. Pray that you may be able to see God's faithfulness in all circumstances, and that this perspective may help them to maintain their hope and trust in Him.

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