Trajectory Series Outline

Trajectory - The path a person is on to forces at work in his/her life.  
How much thought have you given to the trajectory of your life? Why, as a child, did you attend church? Will you always attend church? Why do most of your friends listen to the same kind of music or binge on the same Hulu Series? Why do some people become dependent upon alcohol or other controlled substances and not you?

I believe the answer is trajectory. You may know precisely why you stopped attending church. Her name is Betty, and she loves to gossip. But, there are so many forces at work in our lives shaping us into the person we are we couldn't possibly understand them all.


Week 1 - You Need A Do-Over 
Jesus tells a story of A Pharisee and a Tax Collector praying. Two very different men on very different paths, but both need the grace of God. Only by God's grace can we experience a do-over.
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Week 2 - Head-on Collision 
Jesus in the wilderness accomplished what Adam and Eve couldn't accomplish in the Garden. Because of their failures, Jesus' trajectory was the cross. One day each of us will stand before him. Are you ready?
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Week 3 - Downward Spiral 
Most of us would agree we are to love people, but what if they look like their sin? Jesus was willing to love people out of their sin. Are you ready to love someone long enough to put them on a narrow path trajectory?
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Week 4 - Upward Spiral 
Christian’s need to maintain the right trajectory! What do I do if my Christian Friend isn’t on the correct path? 
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Week 5 - Experiencing God 
Is God in your world or only in your head? Do you have stories of God in your life?
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Week 6 - His Holiness Changes Us 
Does your love for Jesus burn within you? Are you putting on his holiness?
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