Heart Check


Pastor Robbey's sermon focuses on aligning our desires with God's mission, stressing the power of prayer in evangelism and the urgency of sharing faith.


Why is it challenging for us to pray for the salvation of our enemies, and how can we overcome that?
Context: Pastor Robbey talked about the importance of forgiving our enemies and praying for their salvation, even when it's difficult.
Application Question: Is there someone you consider an enemy, and how can you adopt a perspective of praying for their salvation?

How can we develop a heart that aligns with God's mission?
Context: Pastor Robbey emphasized the need to examine our hearts and make sure our passion is in line with God's mission.
Application Question: What are some practical ways you can work on aligning your heart with God's mission in your daily life?

What are some reasons that Christians may be hesitant to fully commit to sharing their faith?
Context: The pastor highlighted statistics showing that some Christians are open to sharing their faith, but only to a certain extent.
Application Question: Have you ever been hesitant to share your faith with someone? What was the cause of that hesitancy, and how can you work through it?

Based on Romans 10, why is it important to share the Gospel with those close to us, even if they seem to be religious?
Context: Pastor Robbey shared the story of a man who attended church his whole life, but only accepted Jesus as his personal savior one year before his passing.
Application Question: Do you know someone who is religious but may not have a personal relationship with Jesus? How can you start a spiritual conversation with them?

How can we practically commit to praying for and inviting our 'one' person to church?
Context: Pastor Robbey encouraged the congregation to sign up for weekly reminders and stay focused on the goal of praying and inviting their ‘one' person.
Application Question: Who is your 'one' person that you'll commit to praying for and inviting to church, and how can you stay focused on this goal?


Ask God to align our hearts with His mission and to give us passionate desires for the salvation of others.

Pray for the strength and willingness to forgive our enemies and to desire their salvation.

Ask God to help us engage in wholehearted conversations about salvation and to be persistent and committed in sharing our faith.

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