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In Pastor Robbey's sermon titled "Sacrifice," he explores the concept of imitating God's love in relationships. Using Ephesians 5 as a foundation, he highlights the importance of imitating God rather than relying on human examples. The sermon emphasizes three ways to imitate Jesus' sacrificial love: spending intentional time alone with God, prioritizing quality time with one's spouse, and showing compassion towards one another. Pastor Robbey concludes by emphasizing the need for sacrifice and imitating God's love for a fruitful and fulfilling marriage.

Think About It

How does imitating God's love in a marriage help improve the relationship?

Context: In the sermon, Pastor Robbey talked about the importance of imitating God rather than relying on examples of human parents or others in a godly marriage.

Application Question: What are some ways you can strive to imitate God's love in your own relationships?

Why is it important to spend time alone with God, and how can this help build a stronger marriage?

Context: Pastor Robbey emphasized the importance of withdrawing from the busyness of life and spending intentional time alone with God as a foundation for a godly marriage.

Application Question: How can you make time for personal connection with God, and what changes do you expect to see in your marriage as a result?

How can you show compassion towards your spouse in difficult times?

Context: The sermon discussed the importance of showing compassion towards one's spouse by actively listening and empathizing.

Application Question: Reflect on a situation in your own relationship where showing compassion was vital to finding resolution. How did it help?

What are some ways to prioritize quality time with your spouse, and why is it important?

Context: Pastor Robbey suggested setting aside distractions, such as phones, to focus on building a strong bond with your spouse.

Application Question: Think about some activities or habits you can practice together to strengthen your connection. How can you implement them in your day-to-day life?

How can Ephesians 5:1-2 guide you in applying sacrificial love in your relationships?

Context: The sermon's main scripture focus was Ephesians 5:1-2, which encourages believers to imitate God and walk in love.

Application Question: What are some practical ways you can apply the message of Ephesians 5:1-2 to your own life and relationships?

Guided Prayer

• Ask God to help you to imitate Him in your everyday life, drawing from the lessons in the sermon about the importance of imitating God rather than human examples. 
• Pray for a strengthened commitment to regular Bible reading, asking God to reveal Himself more clearly through His Word so that you can better understand and imitate His sacrificial love.
 • Pray for your relationship with God, asking for grace to withdraw from the busyness of life and spend intentional time alone with Him.  
• Pray for your spouse to be blessed and for you to be a blessing to them

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