The Mission

In his sermon "The Mission," Pastor Robbey stresses the importance of embracing the mission given by Jesus to make disciples of all nations. He highlights that the power lies in the gospel itself, not in individual leaders, and urges believers to share their faith boldly.

Why is it important to understand and surrender to God's mission in order to stay committed in our faith?
Context: Pastor Robbey reflects on why some people fall away from their faith while others stay committed, concluding that understanding and surrendering to God's mission plays a key role.
Application Question: In what ways can you better understand and surrender to God's mission in your own life?

How can living out Jesus' mission of making disciples keep us on the narrow path and close to Jesus?
Context: Pastor Robbey emphasizes that living out this mission keeps believers on the narrow path and close to Jesus.
Application Question: How have you seen this truth play out in your own life or in the lives of others around you?

How can we avoid idolizing influential leaders or pastors, and instead focus on the power of the gospel?
Context: Pastor Robbey cautions against idolizing leaders, reminding us that the true power lies in the message of the gospel.
Application Question: What steps can you take to ensure you focus on the gospel and not be distracted by influential figures?

What are some practical ways for believers to share their faith and make disciples, as instructed in the Great Commission?
Context: Pastor Robbey suggests sharing faith through conversations, Bible reading, social media, prayer, and church invitations.
Application Question: Which of these methods do you find most effective, and what is one new method you can try to implement in your life?

How can the story of the man being baptized in a barn, despite his health condition, inspire us to not be ashamed of the gospel?
Context: The man's determination to be baptized and publicly declare his faith in Jesus serves as a powerful example of not being ashamed of the gospel.
Application Question: What aspects of your own life can you be more open about your faith, or what barriers do you need to overcome in order to share the gospel more boldly?

• Ask God to help us understand and surrender to His mission
• Pray for courage and boldness to share our faith with others
• Ask God to guide us in making disciples and teaching others to observe everything Jesus commanded

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