Leave Your Jars Behind


Pastor Robert's sermon "Leave the Jars Behind" focuses on the transformative power of Jesus' message, using the stories of a hidden treasure and the Woman at the Well. The Samaritan woman's encounter with Jesus leads to a shift in her priorities and the sharing of her story with others. The sermon emphasizes changing perspectives, receiving Jesus' grace, addressing sins through repentance, and sharing personal testimonies to impact lives. Pastor Robert urges the congregation to embrace redemption stories, share them, seek forgiveness, and start anew with Jesus.


  1. How did the encounter with Jesus change the Samaritan woman's priorities, and what can we learn from her actions?
    Context: After meeting Jesus, the Samaritan woman left her water jar behind and went back to the town to share her story.
    Application Question: What are some ways that your encounter with Jesus has changed your priorities and how can you share your story with others?
  2. Why is it significant that Jesus gave his attention to the Samaritan woman, regardless of her social status?
    Context: Jesus' interaction with the woman demonstrates his care for everyone and extending grace to all.
    Application Question: How can we follow Jesus' example and show love and grace to people who may be overlooked or discriminated against in our society?
  3. In John 4:15-30, how did Jesus address the Samaritan woman's sin and what does this tell us about dealing with our own sins?
    Context: Jesus pointed out her sin but offered himself as the solution, emphasizing the importance of repentance and faith in him.
    Application Question: What sins do you need to address in your life, and how can you turn to Jesus as the solution?
  4. In what ways can sharing personal testimonies of redemption impact the lives of others?
    Context: Pastor Robert emphasized that sharing our stories can bring hope and transformation to those in need.
    Application Question: How can you share your story of redemption with others, and what opportunities could you pursue to do so?
  5. What does it mean to surrender your life to Jesus and seek forgiveness for your sins?
    Context: Pastor Robert provided an invitation to make a decision to follow Jesus and experience a new chapter in life.
    Application Question: How have you experienced surrendering your life to Jesus, and what changes have you seen in your life as a result?


Ask God to help us leave behind our old lives and priorities, just like the Samaritan woman at the well, so that we can fully embrace our new life in Christ.

Pray for God's grace and attentiveness towards everyone, regardless of their social status or background, and ask for opportunities to extend that grace to others.

Seek God's forgiveness for our sins and ask for the strength to turn back to Him wholeheartedly, just as the Samaritan woman did when Jesus addressed her sin.

Pray for boldness and opportunities to share our own stories of redemption with others, that they may find hope and transformation through our testimonies.

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