Some Worshipped Some Doubted


 God desires and requires that we know Him personally. Pastor Robbey shares how God met Thomas right where he was, in his doubts.


Why did the women at the tomb worship Jesus when they saw him?
Context: In the sermon, Pastor Robbey mentioned that the women recognized Jesus as more than just a teacher or friend, but as the Son of God.
Application Question: How can we recognize Jesus in our lives and worship him the way the women did?

What did Pastor Robbey learn from his own doubts and misconceptions about Christianity?
Context: Pastor Robbey shared that he initially perceived Christians as weak and didn't want to associate with them. But he eventually recognized the strength and power of Jesus and his sacrifice.
Application Question: Have you ever had doubts or misconceptions about your faith? How did you overcome them?

Why was Thomas' personal encounter with Jesus crucial to his belief?
Context: Thomas refused to rely on the testimony of others but insisted on seeing and touching Jesus himself. This allowed him to proclaim Jesus as his Lord and God.
Application Question: What role does a personal encounter with Jesus play in your own faith journey?

Based on Matthew 28:1-10, how would you describe the emotions of the two Marys as they left the tomb?
Context: The scripture mentioned in the sermon states that they left the tomb with both fear and great joy.
Application Question: How can we experience the joy of Jesus' resurrection, while also considering the awe and fear associated with meeting the Son of God?

How can we ensure that our faith is based on a personal relationship with Jesus rather than just a belief in a higher power?
Context: Pastor Robbey emphasizes that faith must be personal and based on a direct encounter with Jesus.
Application Question: What steps can you take to cultivate a deeper, more personal relationship with Jesus in your own life?


Ask God to help us recognize Jesus as more than just a teacher or friend, but as the Son of God.

Pray that we may have a deep, personal encounter with Jesus that transforms our worship and relationship with Him.

Pray that we may see Jesus for who He truly is - glorious, powerful, and worthy of all our praise.  

Pray for those who are doubting or struggling in their faith. Ask God to meet them in their doubts and misconceptions, just as He did for Pastor Robbey.

Pray that they may have a personal encounter with Jesus that strengthens their faith and leads them to believe.  

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