Pastor Robbey reflects on the sovereignty of God amidst life's ups and downs, using Proverbs 16:9 as his focus. He shares personal stories of unexpected challenges, assuring us that God is still in control.  

The sermon explores biblical characters like Joseph and Moses, highlighting that their lives didn't go as planned but ultimately brought glory to God. Pastor Robbey encourages  us to trust in God's plan, delight in Him, and commit their ways to Him.  
  1. How can we trust that God is in control even when our plans don't work out as we expect?
  2. According to Proverbs 16:9, how can we align our steps with God's leading?
  3. What does it mean to delight in the Lord and commit our ways to him?
  4. Why is it important to trust in God's plan rather than our own?
  5. How can we encourage others to trust in God and align their lives with his purposes?
  1. Pray for a deeper trust in God's plan, especially when our own plans don't work out as expected, using the experiences of biblical characters like Joseph and Moses as examples.
  2.  Pray for the ability to align our lives with God's purposes and commit our ways to Him, delighting in His will for our lives.
  3. Pray for the upcoming plans of the church including the online content, the addition of a fourth service, and the support for other pastors, asking God to bless and guide these efforts.
  4. Pray for Pastor Robbey's personal aspirations, including spending more time with his family, and ask God to support him in these endeavors.
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