Focused Friendships


The sermon "Focused Friendships" by Pastor Robbey emphasizes the value of having a few close and godly friends over many companions. Surrounding ourselves with many people does not guarantee happiness but can lead to ruin. A good friend points us to God, sticks with us through hard times, and is quick to forgive. It is important to choose friends wisely and avoid friendships with angry people or those who reject God. Ultimately, the sermon encourages intentional efforts to add friends who will help us stay focused on God.


  1. Why does having many companions potentially lead to ruin according to Proverbs 18:24?
    Context: Pastor Robbey mentions that having many companions increases the risk of ruin because there are more opinions, personalities, and drama, making it harder to focus on God.
    Application Question: How can having too many friends make it difficult for us to maintain focus on our relationship with God in our own lives?
  2. What are the three qualities of a good friend, as mentioned in the sermon?
    Context: Pastor Robbey explains that a good friend points us to God, does not abandon us in hard times, and is quick to forgive.
    Application Question: Think about your own friends, do they exhibit these qualities? How can you foster these qualities in your own friendships?
  3. Why is it important to avoid friendships with angry and wrathful individuals?
    Context: Drawing from the book of Proverbs, Pastor Robbey warns that being around anger and wrathful individuals can lead us to adopt their ways and become entangled in a harmful snare.
    Application Question: Have you experienced the negative influence of anger in your friendships? How can you protect yourself from adopting these negative traits?
  4. What does it mean to be in friendship with the world, and why is it harmful?
    Context: Pastor Robbey explains that friendship with the world means maintaining friendships with those who reject God and worship worldly things, making us enemies of God. (James 4:4)
    Application Question: How can you recognize worldly influences in your friendships and take steps to refocus your friendships on God?
  5. How can we be intentional in adding friends who will help us grow in our relationship with God?
    Context: Pastor Robbey emphasizes the importance of adding friends who hear from God and share that knowledge and wisdom with others.
    Application Question: What actions can you take in your life to cultivate friendships with people who share your love for God and His values?


 Pray for wisdom in choosing godly friendships that point us to God, support us in hard times, and encourage forgiveness, as discussed in the sermon.

Request God's help in staying focused on Him despite various opinions, personalities, and drama that come with having many companions.

Pray for strength to resist the negative influence of angry and wrathful people, and to not become entangled in their harmful snares.

 Seek God's guidance in avoiding friendships that are more aligned with worldly values, and instead, intentionally cultivating friendships that share a love for God and His values.

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