Hard Times


Pastor Robbey's sermon "Hard Times" examines how James, the half-brother of Jesus, overcame doubt to become a servant of God, emphasizing the importance of facing trials with joy and faith. He shares personal anecdotes and biblical examples to illustrate the strength gained through hardships. The sermon concludes with a salvation invitation, leading seventeen individuals to make a commitment to follow Christ. Believers are encouraged to trust in God during hard times, knowing that trials can strengthen their faith.


How can we change our perspective on hardships and trials as James teaches to count it all joy?

Context: Pastor Robbey states that everyone goes through hard times and that it is impossible to avoid them. James teaches believers to count it all joy when facing trials.

Application Question: Can you recall a difficulty you have faced in the past? How did you react to it, and how could you apply James' teachings to view it differently?

Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ significant to James' transformation and what lessons can we derive from it?

Context: The sermon delves into the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in transforming James' doubt into faith, as evidenced by 1 Corinthians 15:3-7.

Application Question: How might the resurrection of Jesus impact your own faith and how you approach difficult times in your life?

How does the story of Job relate to the theme of remaining faithful in the midst of suffering?

Context: Pastor Robbey underlines that the reason believers should count it all joy is because trials produce steadfastness and a deeper faith in God. He draws examples from the Bible, such as the story of Job.

Application Question: In your own life, how can Job's example inspire you to maintain faith and perseverance in difficult circumstances?

Based on James' teachings, how can facing trials and hardships lead to growth and development in our faith?

Context: Trials are seen as an opportunity for faith to be tested and strengthened, and as Pastor Robbey states, trials produce steadfastness and a deeper faith in God.

Application Question: Can you think of a time when going through a trial led to your personal growth or helped you develop a stronger relationship with God?


• Ask God to help us apply the sermon on facing trials and difficulties to our lives throughout the week.
• Pray for strength and steadfastness in the midst of our own personal trials.
• Ask for God's guidance and wisdom to see trials as opportunities for growth and deeper faith in Him.

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