Zero Dark Thirty

The sermon "Zero Dark Thirty Final" by Pastor Robbey focuses on the power and significance of Jesus' resurrection, emphasizing it as the foundation of the Christian faith. Through biblical examples and references, the sermon showcases how the resurrection proves Jesus' divinity, transforms lives, gives hope, and shapes believers' perspective on life, death, and eternity. Pastor Robbey highlights the disciples' worship of Jesus as God's son, their bold proclamation of his resurrection, and the evidences of Jesus' appearances post-resurrection as testimonies to its reality. The sermon ultimately encourages Christians to firmly hold onto their faith in the risen Jesus and find comfort in the hope of resurrection.

  1. Why is Jesus' resurrection a foundational truth of the Christian faith?
    Context: Pastor Robbey highlighted the resurrection as a core part of Christianity, connecting it to the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and the disciples' transformation.
    Application Question: How does the resurrection impact your personal faith and beliefs?
  2. How does the transformation of the disciples after encountering the risen Jesus serve as evidence for the resurrection?
    Context: The sermon discussed how the disciples went from hiding in fear to boldly proclaiming the message of Jesus as God's son, even enduring persecution.
    Application Question: Have you experienced a personal transformation in your life because of your faith in Jesus? Share your story.
  3. What would be the consequences for Christians if there was no resurrection?
    Context: In the sermon, Pastor Robbey explained that without the resurrection, preaching, faith, giving, and serving would be in vain, and our hope would be lost.
    Application Question: How does believing in the resurrection give your faith, actions, and life purpose and hope?
  4. Based on 1 Corinthians 15:3-8, how do Jesus' appearances to multiple people after his resurrection provide evidence for its reality?
    Context: Pastor Robbey mentioned that at the time of Paul's writing, many of the over 500 witnesses to Jesus' resurrection were still alive and could testify.
    Application Question: How can we use these examples and testimonies to strengthen our faith and share it with others?
  5. How does the resurrection shape a believer's perspective on life, death, and eternity?
    Context: The sermon concluded with stories of individuals who found comfort and hope in the resurrection when facing the loss of loved ones, and the confidence it gives Christians.
    Application Question: How has the hope of the resurrection brought comfort to you or helped you face challenges in your life?

• Pray for God's guidance in applying the power of Jesus' resurrection to our lives throughout the coming week.
• Ask God to help us boldly proclaim and live out our faith in light of the resurrection.
• Pray for a deeper understanding and belief in the hope we have because of Jesus' victory over death.
• Ask God to strengthen our perspective on life, death, and eternity, so that we may face challenges with confidence and boldness.

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